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Image by Simon Wilkes

Giovanna Marino
Face Reading     Emotional Release Bodywork     Family Constellation Therapy 

Journey back to Wholeness

In order to heal from a cellular level & create the permanent changes you desire. You must explore & heal your issues at their roots.

Where it all started.

Only then can you truly transform your experience, heal and create the life you deserve.

This is my offering to you..


Family & Systemic Constellation Facilitator

Holistic Counsellor

PsychoSomatic Therapist

Intuitive Healer

Face & Body Interpreter

Emotional Release Bodywork

Inner Child Healing

Inner Parts Work


" To suffer is a lot easier than change. In order to become happy, one needs to have courage "

Bert Hellinger

A Modern Approach

Your face & body reflects your inner state.

Beyond every line is a story.

The shape you are in, is no co-incidence.

The quality and quantity of your tissue reflects your conditioning, feelings and belief systems. 

Working with Giovanna is an opportunity to understand and work through any unresolved stories and feelings held in your tissue, impacting your vitality and ability to thrive.

From working with Giovanna, you can expect -

  • A deeper connection to yourself.

  • More vitality and energy.

  • Deep healing.

  • An opportunity to work through any inherited family trauma. 

  • An opportunity to work through any issues that are impacting your mental, emotional and/or physical health.

Image by Denise Johnson

Meet Giovanna


Giovanna is a highly Intuitive Therapist and Healer, trained in a number of therapeutic modalities.

Along with their training in PsychoSomatic Therapy, Family Constellation Therapy & Holistic Counselling.


 Giovanna is also a natural Medium.


Their gift allows them to access information that would otherwise be hidden.

To work & connect with those who have passed over.

And to feel and work through any unresolved stories and feelings that have been buried within the individual or family soul.

Giovanna specialises in the following...


Inner Child Healing
Exploring & Healing unresolved energy - beyond your health issues
Healing Issues Connected to Sex, Intimacy, Sexuality
Healing Inherited Family Trauma


“Like many things in life I feel you find the right person to work with at the right time. The first time I met Giovanna was at a Family Constellation Workshop, I went to with a friend. I knew in that moment that I needed to work with them one on one. Their ability to make you feel seen and safe is beautiful. From what I experienced in the Family Constellation Workshop, I knew instantly that I needed to work on my ancestral healing. I didn't know how much our ancestors can affect our current lives. The shift I had in my session was phenomenal. Walking out of that session I literally felt like a different person and a weight had been lifted from my shoulder. You have to experience it to understand it. Thank you Giovanna for being the beautiful soul that you are and doing this amazing work "


I feel so blessed to be part of Giovanna's Workshop. I was not selected for a healing, but what I was able to witness was definitely out of this world. I was able to release a lot of pent up emotions just by being present. There were many tears. It was a raw and honest experience to be part of. 



"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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