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Giovanna Marino

Release Old Emotions & Trauma held in Your Body

Release Unconscious Burdens that are Holding you Back

Awaken your own Body's Capacity to Heal

Your Physical Appearance and State is a Reflection of your Inner World. 
Your conditioning, belief systems & unexpressed feelings all live in your tissue. 
Are you ready to explore & transform any outdated stories & emotions held in your body?

Move Forward, towards a more Fulfilled, Healthier & Happier Life



Psychosomatic Therapist

Family Constellation Facilitator

Holistic Counsellor

Intuitive Healer

When you are truly seen & your stories acknowledged, magic happens.

The Heart Softens

The Body Softens

Allowing you to return back to wholeness.


Image by Darius Bashar

Emotional Release Bodywork

I found the experience to be profound and empowering



Giovanna has an incredible ability to release stored memories of the body. She holds the space and myself with such integrity, love and honesty. I feel truly safe


Giovanna is amazing! The way they work is amazing to see. I felt an immediate shift in the 2 times I saw them. Highly Recommend!



0490 131 241

Melbourne Shiatsu

43 Rose Street, Fitzroy 

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