Intuitive Healer

Giovanna is a gifted Psychic / Medium, with the ability to feel into the unconscious energies that impact our lives. In combination with Psychosomatic Therapy (understanding the communication between the Body & Mind), and Generational Healing, Giovanna is able to support you in clearing any energies that are impacting you from living your best life.


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Giovanna Marino

Intuitive Healer. Psychic/Medium.

Psychosomatic Therapist. Emotional Release Bodywork. Holistic Counsellor. Constellation Facilitator. Yoni Massage Practitioner. 

"When parts of our individual or family soul are seen, felt, heard and acknowledged, something magical tends to happen. The energy starts to shift, providing an opportunity for healing, and a new perspective"


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Emotional Release Bodywork

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I found the experience to be profound and empowering



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Giovanna has an incredible ability to release stored memories of the body. She holds the space and myself with such integrity, love and honesty. I feel truly safe


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Giovanna creates a safe space for her powerful work. I would completely recommend her



0490 131 241

Chelsea (address will be given prior to the appointment)

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