My Gift 


My gift is seeing the underlying causes and energies, behind our symptoms, mental, emotional and physical. Shining a light to whatever it is, that maybe impacting the vitality of the soul. When parts of our individual or family soul are seen, felt, heard, or acknowledged, something magical tends to happen. The energy starts to shift, providing an opportunity for healing, and a new perspective moving forward. 

As a Psychic Medium, I have the ability to communicate with those in the Spirit World, offering the opportunity for healing and resolution with those that have passed over,

I offer a range of modalities that inspire a deeper connection to the self.

About Me

I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to support you on your journey!

Like most of us, I faced many challenges throughout my life. I realise now that these challenges were actually a blessing, as I would not be the therapist I am today without having to go through the motions myself. 

I've always been incredibly sensitive. I could always read people and feel what they were feeling. At first this was quite overwhelming, but as time went on, I learnt the appropriate skills to manage my gifts. These gifts enable me to be in tune with my clients on a very deep scale. I can feel exactly what you are feeling, and can therefore support you in a way that allows you to fully feel safe and held every step of the way.

I sought out different therapeutic practices and healing modalities to gain a deeper understanding of myself and to learn some practical tools to support me in getting a better handle on things. I was never really drawn to conventional practices. I did have a short lived experience with a psychologist. I really value and respect the work that they do, but this line of therapy did not resonate so much with me. I craved a deeper experience, which led me to study different modalities. I studied Transpersonal Art Therapy, which is a client centred therapy that applies art to gain insight into ones personal mythology and creative unconscious. The course was exceptionally confronting, as my experience was, that art can actually speak louder then words. I began the journey inwards, and learnt new ways to express myself.

A Diploma in Holistic Counselling was next on my agenda, with the Awakening College. At this point I thought that I was pretty self aware, but the truth was, I was completely naive, I had barely scratched the surface. I was ready and eager to go deeper in myself. The tools that I learnt from this course completely changed my life, especially my relationships with my family. The tools enabled me to see things from a new perspective. I finally could accept the way things were and move forward with hope in my heart. The essence of my practice comes from these teachings. Working with the Inner Child and Internal Archetypes. Family and Systemic Constellation Work is also at the heart of my work. It is a powerful tool to understand the cause root of situations that may feel beyond our knowing.

Psychosomatic Therapy came last and tied everything together. The bodywork allows things to shift on a cellular level and again deepens the experience. ​


In tying all my experience together, I offer a very unique therapeutic practice, that is very deep and powerful. Each session is completely unique, and is guided by your intention for the session. If you would like more information please get in touch.

Image by AARN GIRI