Celebrating the 'No's'

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Sometimes what is needed for healing shows up in ways we don't expect.....

I offer yoni massage as one of my services.

A yoni massage is incredibly intimate, which can trigger so much vulnerability, amongst other things. When I received my first yoni massage, I felt so overwhelmed. There were so many feelings bubbling on the surface, which can really impact our judgement in the moment. When I facilitate a yoni massage is it my biggest priority that my client feels safe, and that every single part of them is ready and willing to go forward, before any steps are taken.

In order to ensure my client feels able and empowered to make the right decisions for themselves, I always take my client through a boundary exercise at the beginning of the session. To be clear with what it feels like when our body says YES, and when our body says NO. Sometimes the mind and body can be conflicted, this ensures that your are truly honouring your self.

I had a client that kept saying to me prior to the session, that she was really ready to take this step, and knew it was the right thing for her. Each time she said that, it almost felt as though she was trying to convince herself, that she was ready. I could in my body that even thought there was a part of her that was ready and willing, there was also another part of her, that was really needing to be heard.

In the session it was clear that there was a battle going on between the mind and the body. It was clear that the body was not ready to take this step. In that moment it was clear, that the healing and what was needed, was to honour that voice, that part, that was afraid and not ready.

We celebrated the NO. When my client jumped off the table, I felt this surge of relief in the air. We ended up doing another process, which was just as powerful and allowed for the same outcome, as their intention.

It was such an honour to be a witness, and watch my client honour themselves from a really deep place.

That was the moment!

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