Coming Out!

I really struggle to articulate, how I work, and what it is that I exactly do....

To be honest, I think there is a part of me that has held back, due to a fear of how I would be perceived. Growing up I was called a witch, a gypsy, in a way that was a put down. I always hid my abilities from others, even though these abilities enabled me to survive. When people don't understand, they can be fearful, and judgemental. With the work that I do, I am always growing and evolving, and this is another big step for me. This is me, coming out of the closet (!) and owning who I am. I am a Healer. I know things, I see things and hear things that most people don't. I can feel into people's emotional and energy body, health issues/symptoms, inner child etc. Even going beyond the individual and into the family soul. I have the ability to embody the parts of my client that need healing. I hear what needs to be said to those parts, and process the emotions through my body, as a surrogate for my client. I can talk to the dead, (the line between life and death is thinner then what we realise). I have helped souls, who have passed over, to go to the light. Often it's those who feel ashamed of their actions, that need support in stepping forward. I am able to clear entities from people's homes and bodies. I can always tell from people's eyes if they're not completely themselves. I have been through hell to get to where I am today. My journey has been about taking back my power, seeing my self worth and genuinely feeling love and acceptance for myself. I am grounded, I am gentle and I am strong. I am also a goof ball, socially awkward, funny (or try to be), couldn't live without nature and food is my favourite thing (I am Italian!). Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I feel completely liberated

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