Face Reading Profile for Boy George

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The face paints a picture, of your past, your talents/challenges, and where you're currently at, within yourself and in the world.

From reading a face, I am then guided to what needs to be acknowledged/seen/felt, in order to create more peace and harmony within the soul....

Usually after one session with me, the face will change to reflect these inner changes.

The first thing I notice after looking at many pictures of Boy George is that you rarely see him without a hat on. Due to his fame, I believe Boy George wears a hat as a form of protection and to hide his thoughts from the outside world. His mind is his most predominant feature, the mental zone, which is incredibly open and broad.

Boy George’s face shape resembles a hard oval. He has the qualities of being flexible and idealistic and also practical and reliable. In his younger days his face shape was more like an inverted triangle. Overtime his face shape has changed to reflect the changes within, in particularly around his physical zone. He has become a lot more grounded and stable within himself over time.

Boy George has a significant tattoo on the right side of his face, covering a good portion of his head and temple. The temples are connected to our relationship with our parents. Boy George had a very conservative upbringing. His father especially was very strict and set in his ways. I believe that Boy George unconsciously tattooed himself around his temple to over ride his dad’s voice and as a form of rebellion. His strong mind and independent nature can also be seen in the height of his nose ridge and from the way his ears tend to stick out.

Although Boy George is know for being flamboyant, his features also reflect his introverted nature. His eyes and mouth are small, and his nose veers slightly downwards. Although his eyes are small, his light shines through brightly, especially his inner warmth and sincerity. Boy George is not comfortable displaying his innermost feelings, this can be seen in the thinness of his top lip. His bottom lip is far more dominant. He also displays laughter lines on his nose, which is symbolic of deflecting his feelings with humour.

Boy George’s nose has definitely been an asset in driving him to the success he has achieved. His nose is sharp and to the point. There is a lot of inner drive to achieve the goals he wishes to pursue. He is also a man with high integrity which is shown in his high cheek bones. Lastly his oval chin translates to putting his thoughts into action in a way that considers the feelings of others.

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