"What in the parallel universe emotional wizards alchemy did you facilitate"

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

A quote from someone that attended my recent workshop, Beneath the Surface, (exploring the unconscious energies that reside within us).

From experiencing a lot of trauma in my earlier days, I developed some pretty unique gifts in order to survive. I see, hear and feel things quite differently to what is considered normal. I can appear distracted, a bit odd, but with my hyper sensitivity, I'm just taking everything in.

The gifts that I have been blessed with, allow me to work with people quite deeply. When I sit next to a client, and allow myself to tune in, my body starts to mirror exactly what's happening with my client, so I therefore know what I'm working with.

I always felt misunderstood growing up. I didn't care about a career or anything materialistic. I was always completely devoted to my own personal healing journey, which I always kept very private. A big part of healing is feeling, which can be really challenging. Society has taught us so many ways to distract us from ourselves, we are not taught how to deal with our emotions at school. Shouldn't that be one of the first things we are taught? Our emotional health fundamentally impacts our physical and mental health. Everything is connected.

When we have suppressed emotions, and we try to forget about them. They don't go away, they wait for us, for when we are ready to face ourselves. And if we choose not to go there, these emotions can potentially manifest as physical/ mental health issues.

I just want to express, that from someone that has done the work, it's completely worth it. It's hard, it can feel really lonely, and you may want to give up, but again, it's totally worth it. I would do it, over and over again to get to where I'm at today.

If you are ready to heal from the inside out, I am the person for you. I may challenge you, but I promise, I am working in alignment with your higher self. I am guided by your soul and only want the best for you.

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