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Pleasure & Life

When we are disconnected from our own pleasure, we are essentially disconnected from life.

When our sexuality is blocked, it impacts our ability to feel alive, passionate and embodied. It impacts our ability to receive, impacting our finances, relationships, and ability to manifest.

We cannot be fully alive nor awake if we are blocked at our core.

As a former yoni massage therapist I have supported many women and yoni owners, to feel more connected to their bodies, and pleasure.

So often, these feelings, conditioning, blocks etc have been passed down from our ancestors, our parents etc. In order to free ourselves and create a new narrative moving forward, we need to bring healing to the roots of where these feelings all started.

Through bodywork and family constellation therapy, we can start to shift any inherited deep conditioning and bring resolution and healing to those parts within .

So many people are used to feeling disconnected from their life force energy. If you don't know any different, it's difficult to know that life can be any different.

I was brought up Italian & catholic. It's been quite a journey to undo the conditioning that I was born into. I held so much of my own trauma and family trauma in my sacral region. It's not an easy road to break the chains and to ignite a new path. But in doing so I am able to have a much more fulfilling life. When we do the work on ourselves, the family line benefits as well as future generations. They have the opportunity to have a different experience.

I no longer offer yoni massage. I am able to achieve the same results from bodywork and family constellation therapy.

You deserve to feel good in your body and in your life.

The more you are able to receive the more you'll start attracting the things you want in life.

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