The Gift of Feeling

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

My gift.....

For those of you that know Myer Briggs, I am an INFP

I FEEL EVERYTHING - that is my core gift

I recall receiving a face reading a while back. I was told that my little ears we're best utilised to keep my glasses in place, but not so much for listening. (People with large ears are generally better listeners). I was told, that I listen better through feeling and energy, which sums me up to a tee.......

I am psychically gifted....

When I sit next to my clients, I start to feel within my body, what's happening within them. I hear the words that are spoken, but their soul speaks louder. Through my 6th sense I often hear what their soul is needing, which allows me to get to the core of the issue.

Sometimes having to work beyond the individual is necessary. To acknowledge the things that have happened before us, in order to create peace in the family soul.

From either working with a client on the massage table, or through other means, such as constellation work. I shine a light to those places that are yearning to be heard and acknowledged. When there is unrest in the soul from issues that have not been resolved from those who have passed over, I allow my body to be a vessel, for those to communicate what they were unable to do so when they were in the physical form.

A lot of what I can do can not be understood by the mind. But I see the impacts in my clients. I see how much their face changes, sometimes just from one session.

I am incredibly humbled to offer such a unique service

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