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The Grief of Losing an Unborn Twin

A client came to see me.

She was on the cusp of some pretty amazing changes.

There was something holding her back. Something that she could quite put her finger on.

When my client walked into my work space, I suddenly felt unwell. I knew that whatever my client was holding in her body. It was making her sick, literally.

This has actually come up a few times in my sessions.

Clients having lost their twin in utero.

The unprocessed grief, weighing heavily in their energy field, impacting their health, relationships, work etc.

The grief was ready to be felt.

It was right on the surface and it was a matter of my client trusting and letting go.

She wept as I held her.

We both could feel the energy of her twin in the room, smiling and full of light.

It was achingly beautiful.

My client walked away looking and feeling, completely different.

She expressed that, she had never felt so embodied. She felt whole again.

We never really know what it is, that's draining our energy, impacting our health, our relationships, work etc.

When we let go of the mind, and follow the guidance of the body.

Doors begin to open - leading to deep healing and resolution.

If you are tired of treating a symptom, and feel ready to work at the root cause of your issue.

I'd be honoured to journey with you xo

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