The Inner Child and Me!

When our inner child is un happy, our adult self suffers.

I'm kicking back watching, Couples Therapy on Sbs on Demand, after a friend recommended it to me.

It's interesting observing how the couple's interact with each other. It feels like a lot of the individuals are interacting from their wounded inner child space, demanding their partners meet their needs, without having much awareness around their own stuff.

It's so much easier expecting others to change around us, rather then taking responsibility of ourselves and our actions.

I feel like my wounded inner child was running my life for a really long time. Without any awareness around this, I constantly felt hurt and rejected by those around me. It took along time to realise that the only way to truly heal my inner child, was to be that loving person for myself. To learn how to become the parent, that I desperately craved for in my younger years. To accept and love all of me unconditionally, and most importantly giving myself/ my inner child permission to express herself authentically through me.

When our inner child is un happy, our adult self suffers. That's just how it works.

Most of the work that I do now, is related to the inner child. When I support my clients in connecting with their inner child, the shift is always so noticeable. The eyes change. It's like I can see more of who they are. And there's always this deep feeling of calm.

It can take a bit time for the inner child to heal, and sometimes it can be really challenging and painful. Just remember to be patient, and take it one step and a time. You won't look back

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