The Nose Knows

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

What does your nose say about you?

The nose is connected with the solar plexus and speaks of how we project ourselves into the world.

My nose is quiet strong, direct and pronounced. Even though my nature is quiet introverted, my nose drives me outside of my comfort zone. I am driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. People with large noses are generally a lot more ambitious, compared to those who house smaller noses. People with smaller noses tend to be a bit more carefree in general. My nose has a high ridge. I am an independent thinker and work best on my own. A nose with a low ridge is known as a community nose. Someone who prefers to be working along side others, with a community or family orientated focus.

The size of the nostrils, indicates how deep or shallow your breathing is. My narrow nostrils

reminds me to breathe deeper into my belly. People with large nostrils generally have a tendency to flow with life, people with smaller nostrils can sometimes feel like they're not enough or rather carry the belief system around not having enough, although that's often not the case.

Always trust your own instincts and be brave in manifesting your true hearts desire

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