The Windows to your Soul

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

In these current times much of our face is hidden. Our eyes have become the focal point in how we connect with each other. In Psychosomatic Therapy the eyes are connected to the heart chakra, they truly are the windows to our soul.

So what do your eyes say about you?

Big open eyes shows that a person's heart is open, which also means they're vulnerable to feeling things deeply. Eyes that aren't so open tend to reflect a person that likes to take their time in getting to know you.

People with eyes that slope downwards from the outer ends, can get lost in their emotions, but at the same time, connect deeply with other people's emotions. If your eyes slope upwards you may have a tendency to be analytical and driven which can be a real asset in business. There is no good or bad with how our features present. We are all individual and unique

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