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Your Body is a Reflection of your Inner World

Your physical appearance & state is a reflection of your inner world.

Your conditioning, belief systems, and unexpressed feelings all live in your tissue.

When you are unconsciously trying to protect yourself, from past hurts. Or if you are carrying an unconscious belief, that it is not safe.

Your tissue will compensate, and provide extra layers of protection as boundaries.

Often these belief systems/conditioning served us as children or over a period of time in our lives.

When ones situation has changed and the body continues to hold that story, it actually does the opposite to supporting you.

These walls and layers of protection are keeping you locked in, and keeping others at a distance. Causing further distress on the body, mind and soul.

The body has the potential to change physically, when we are able to truly meet the parts within, that are still fighting the fight.

It's actually a really beautiful process.... To be able to say to those parts within "hey, I understand it's been tough, and you did amazing. Things have changed now, we are safe, and we can now begin to learn how to do things differently" etc.

It takes a lot of energy to be in fight flight or protection mode when it's no longer necessary.

Freedom is possible when you have the courage to face yourself

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