• 2 hours
  • 450 Australian dollars
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Service Description

In combination with my gifts as a Psychic Medium, and my ability to feel into the unconscious energies that we hold in our bodies. These sessions are deeply transformational. When I work on the body, I can also tune in to any energies that the person is carrying in connection with unresolved trauma from previous generations. This allows me to go very deep, often resulting in huge shifts in people's lives. We hold our stories in our body. Our experiences, and our reaction to our experiences, shape who we are. Emotional Release Bodywork is an opportunity to dive deep within ourselves, to access those parts, that are still holding on, mentally or emotionally, impacting the vitality of the soul. This process is an opportunity to authentically let go of the things that no longer serve. It is an opportunity for deep healing, and a new perspective on life. In the initial session I offer a face reading which allows deeper insight into what is happening unconsciously for you. The bodywork is a combination of trigger point therapy (activating the meridians) and my own intuitive style. When there is pain in the body it is a reflection of the emotional pain that we are still carrying. When I work on the body, I can feel into my client's energy and emotional body. Sometimes when my client is unable to cry, the tears will flow through me. Every session is different, and it may take a few sessions to reach your desired outcome. Sometimes rapport is crucial in order to feel completely safe to let go. Sometimes I incorporate talking therapy in the process, to access the parts within that need healing. I can often feel when the inner child is needing to feel heard and acknowledged in a session. I do ask my clients to prioritise self care after the session, as you may feel a little vulnerable. I recommend a good soak in a bath with epsom salts and a gentle walk in nature. Please reach out if you have any questions or queries…

Contact Details

0490 131 241

Leversha Road, Harcourt VIC, Australia