Kundalini Activation

Constellation and Bodywork

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • 600 Australian dollars
  • Address will be disclosed in email

Service Description

This powerful process, is a combination of constellation and bodywork, to unlock and activate the creative life force, the serpent within. For those who are wanting a deeper experience in receiving themselves or would like to lift the energies that are impacting their ability to feel connected with their sensual energy, this ones for you. Through constellation work, we are able to uncover any hidden energies that may be impacting our ability to thrive. Perhaps there are hidden issues, in generations before us, that have a hold on our ability to truly be present within ourselves. This process will allow us to lift these energies, with love and deep respect. Once these entanglements have been lifted, I will invite you to make an intention to follow through with the bodywork. The bodywork is similar to the Sensual Awakening experience listed on my services. The bodywork is an invitation to explore yourself, your body in a new way. Often after a constellation the body feels different, the tissue is often more supple as the process usually opens the heart. To receive bodywork as a follow up, is particularly powerful as we are able to go deeper as the tissue is more receptive. This process does not include a yoni massage. Breast and buttocks are included with consent. The purpose of the bodywork is to experience yourself in a new light, without the limitations that may have been imposed upon you, by external influences. It is an opportunity to fully receive yourself and your pleasure in a safe environment, inviting the kundalini energy, to open and unlock any physical limitations. This practice includes pressure points around the yoni, with consent, but I am happy to alter the session according to the individuals needs. A powerful healing journey to reclaim all parts of themselves. As this process requires trust, I offer a complimentary chat, zoom or over the phone to explain the process in more detail

Contact Details

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Leversha Road, Harcourt VIC, Australia