Structural/Family Constellation

Structural, Past Life &Family Constellation

  • 2 hours
  • 450 Australian dollars
  • Address will be disclosed in email

Service Description

Structural and Family Constellation, is an opportunity to uncover the hidden causes behind our symptoms, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When we see, acknowledge and feel the truth behind our symptoms, we allow for the opportunity for things to shift, often allowing for deep healing and resolution within the individual and family soul. Sometimes our symptoms can be a result from something that has been carried down from generations, looking for a way to be acknowledged and felt in order to heal. Often we unconsciously take on stuff from our parents, out of blind loyalty, event though this can impact our vitality, we do it unconsciously. This work supports us to detangle ourselves from situations that are not relevant to us. Often emotionally unavailable parents, were raised by emotionally unavailable parents so forth. With my ability to tap into the unknown, and being highly sensitive to energy, I can tap into the underlying causes, that maybe impacting the vitality of your soul. This work is incredibly powerful, and there is no limit to what issues and feelings we can explore. For example, health issues, depression, anxiety, finances, inner child, feminine and masculine self etc. This work personally changed my life, creating lasting impact with my relationship with myself and my family. This work allows for the opportunity to heal the issues that came before us, through our ancestors, also benefiting those that come after us, our children.

Contact Details

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Leversha Road, Harcourt VIC, Australia