Yoni Massage

  • 3 hours
  • 600 Australian dollars
  • Address will be disclosed in email

Service Description

Yoni is the sanskrit word for vagina and translates to a "sacred space". A yoni massage is a sacred practice which is facilitated with great sensitivity, ensuring that the client feels safe throughout the practice. The intention of this practice is for deep healing, promoting a deeper connection with the self. Just like the body the yoni can store stuck emotions, and tension. Yoni massage is a sacred act in releasing what no longer serves you. This practice is beneficial for those experiencing issues associated with shame, feeling disconnected from their sexuality and pleasure, also for those who are curious and want to understand their body on a deeper scale, or for those who feel like they need to release issues around their sexuality on a cellular level. Boundaries and limitations are honoured throughout the practice. I first offer a complimentary 30 minute phone conversation, so we can get to know each other, as building rapport is so important to feel safe and for you to ask any questions. I invite you to contemplate an intention you would like to bring into the session. Most people arrive feeling a bit nervous, so I usually start the session with a grounding meditation. We do a boundary exercise to be clear with what a yes and no feels like in the body and I discuss the process for the day. I invite you to share your intention for the session, before we begin the ritual of taking the clothes off. This ritual can be witnessed or not, it is up to the individual. As you remove each item of your clothes, I invite you to, say out loud the things that you're consciously wanting to let go of. This process will take as long as it needs. The next step is a full body massage, to support you in feeling completely relaxed. Breast and buttocks are included, with consent. When I feel you are ready I will ask for consent to work externally, taking as long as it needs before you are ready to be worked on internally. Throughout the process I will be guided in particular areas, I will also be able to feel what you're feeling which I use as a guide. When we get to a point which feels numb, often we'll stay in that area until we feel a shift, which usually shows up as emotions that need to be felt. All feeling and expressions are welcome. After a yoni massage, it is common to have more feeling in the yoni area, which allows for deeper pleasure and connection to self. Self care is recommended after the session.

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